Last Call: March 13, 2021

So, have you guys seen this website, Plan your vaccine? Please check it out because, the more you know and the life you save can be your own. I had a conversation with one of my sister in laws the other day about the vaccine; she’s on the fence but both my husband (her brother) and I answered her questions, printed out a bunch of information for, and I hope we convinced her to get the shot.

My intent is not to shame anyone but, if you can get the shot, please do. We all want to get back to some form of normal, right? And this is pretty much our only option…so, if you can, get the shot, please!

I’ve also included the following PDF for your viewing pleasure because it’s Saturday night and reading information on the various shots we have available is some pretty exciting stuff! In fact, if you really, really want more information on anything COVID-19 related, just ask. I will gladly oblige and…GASP!’s all science based versus the crap you read on several shitholes/’channels.’

So, talk to me…did you get your shot or do you plan to get your shot and if so, when? Happy Vaccination!!!! I can hardly wait to get mine because….FREEEEEEDUMB!

Oh, and to the wing nuts of the world: President Joe Biden isn’t telling you how to spend your Fourth of July, you moronic twits. And, speaking of President Joe Biden: I got my Biden Bucks this morning. Yep, Joe fired up the printers as he signed the bill into law. I transferred it to my savings account for a rainy day..yeah, right. I want a new Mac!

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