Talko Tuesday: Spring has sprung and COVID-19 is in full bloom…again

Just when we think we turned the corner, flattened the curve, and took a few steps forward, we’ve now taken a few backwards in just the last week or so.

Yes, COVID-19 is still here; it hasn’t gone away and cases have have risen in numerous states even though, we’re getting shots in our arms rather quickly…well, some of us, anyway. So, be careful out there. Just because we’ve re-opened some of our favorite places, it doesn’t mean the virus magically disappeared; it’s still there and so are the variants.

So, who has gotten their shot? Any reactions? Concerns? What’s up?

My mom just sent me a picture of her arm post first round and wow—yeah, it’s red. She called the pharmacy who administered the shot and she’s fine–just red and sore but it sure beats the alternative.

Share with us what’s going on. Hope you all are having a good week so far.

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