What Would You Do Wednesday?: Common Sense Gun Control

At News Views, we’re always trying something to get y’all out here talking. This week, I’m presenting an issue that’s happened before but it’s once again all over the news. In less than one week, the United States suffered two mass shootings. One took place in Atlanta, Georgia and the other in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, these latest mass shootings are not the first nor will be the last our country suffers. As we get back ‘to normal’ from COVID-19, which has not left us, we probably will see more mass shootings because before COVID-19, our country experienced many mass shootings. They seem to be ‘the normal’ in the US, sadly enough.

President Biden could issue numerous executive orders to regulate the sales of firearms; mandate waiting periods and background checks, and even try to abolish certain types of weapons that serve no purpose other than kill several people within a blink of an eye. But, some state(s) or group, (the NRA) could file suit against the orders and a court could easily issue a stay or rule immediately that whatever said order violates the Second Amendment and back to guns and more of them we go.

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future,” he said, listing a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as strengthening the background check system by closing loopholes, as areas he would like to see Congress act.

“This is not — it should not be — a partisan issue. This is an American issue,” he said. “It will save lives, American lives. We have to act.”


Or, we could do it the old fashioned way and have Congress do their jobs and pass sensible gun legislation that might, not an absolute, but might curtail the amount of mass shootings in this country. But, that would require a Congress willing to address the problem and tell the gun lobbyists to get fucked pound sand. Seriously, how many have the courage or balls spine to do just that?

Remember this from 2016?

President Obama tears up during gun control speech – BBC News

Trump rolled back President Obama’s EOs on gun control and even made it easier for those suffering from mental illness to purchase a gun.

So, your task as the intelligent lot you are is to come up with some solutions–offer up some ideas on how we approach or handle the situation and discuss it with one another.

Hope you enjoy-

And in case you want to watch more, here’s this to remind us of just how horrible, devastating, and sickening our obsession with guns and the gun culture we live in truly is:

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