Liveblog - In case you missed it: Headlines 03/25/21

With so many crazy things happening, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Here are some headlines that you may find interesting and worth discussing. Please feel free to post ‘headlines’ you would like to share that we may have missed.

Biden Administration:

  • So, President Biden held his first presser. It was quite refreshing to hear an adult speak and not all the insults, gaslighting, and combative nonsense.
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) on Thursday sent the IRS data necessary to deliver coronavirus stimulus checks to people receiving government assistance after lawmakers expressed alarm that the payments were delayed.


  • Nearly three months after Jan. 6 assault, House makes chamber doors bulletproof.
  • The chief executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter faced withering criticism from members of Congress on Thursday about their handling of misinformation and online extremism during their first appearance before lawmakers since the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.


  • The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday expanded the ability of people to sue police for excessive force, ruling in favor of a New Mexico woman who filed a civil rights lawsuit after being shot by officers she had mistaken for carjackers.

Voter Suppression:

  • BREAKING NEWS: A vast rewrite of Georgia’s elections laws passed the General Assembly on Thursday, tightening voting rules after last year’s close presidential race by imposing voter ID requirements, limiting drop boxes and allowing state takeovers of local elections offices.

COVID-19 Updates and COVIDIOTS:

  • The United States squandered both money and lives in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, and it could have avoided nearly 400,000 deaths with a more effective health strategy and trimmed federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars while still supporting those who needed it.
  • Florida’s coronavirus cases have jumped in the state’s highest daily count since early March, as spring break crowds continue to flood the state’s beaches, streets and bars.
  • Cases have jumped by 630 in the past day alone.
  • Reports: Cuomo Administration Gave Special Coronavirus Testing Access To Family, VIPs
  • Unemployment Claims Are Lowest Since Pandemic Began.

White ISIS/MAGAts/ Supremacists/Wing Nut Watch:

  • NRA Still ‘Very Powerful’ in Gun Reform Debate Despite Financial, Legal Issues: Experts.

Other Headlines:

  • New Black Hole Image Reveals Its ‘Most Mysterious’ Feature

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