The Krispy Kreme Culture War Conundrum

In case you missed it, Krispy Kreme announced a promotion earlier this week to incentivize Americans to get their COVID-19 vaccination: free doughnuts.

The promotion which began Monday and runs through December 31, 2021, offers a free original glazed doughnut to anyone who shows their vaccination card. If you show your card, you essentiallly would be allowed “one redemption per guest per day” so you could, in theory, get a free doughnut every day for the rest of the year.

(How this offer correlates to your health is anyone’s guess.)

But what about those who choose to not get vaccinated? Isn’t this some type of wicked doughnut-lover’s discrimination?

From the Krispy Kreme website:


We understand that choosing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is a highly personal decision. We advise all employees and guests to consult with their healthcare provider regarding whether to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and which vaccine to receive after reviewing the available information. If you have made the personal decision to not receive the COVID vaccine, please visit us on Mondays, 3/29/21 – 5/24/21, to receive a free Original Glazed® doughnut and a medium brewed coffee to get your week off to a good start.

If it seems there is still some reward for choosing to ignore public health measures to protect the vulnerable and help end the pandemic, be assured that Krispy Kreme is on the side of science — maybe — by rewarding anti-vaxxers only nine times, on Mondays. The rest of the “health conscious” can get a free doughnut fix, if they chose to, every day for a total of 283 original glazed delicacies.

Source at c/net and Slate.