Former Guy Says His Supporters Posed “Zero Threat” at the January 6 Insurrection

Trump complained to Fox News’s Laura Ingraham that law enforcement was “persecuting” his supporters at the Capitol who posed “zero threat” while nothing happens to “leftwing” protesters.

Trump acknowledged that those who stormed the Capitol “went in and they shouldn’t have done it”. But he added: “Some of them went in and they’re, they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards. You know, they had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in and then they walked in and they walked out.”

Ingraham cleaned up Aisle Trump by clarifying that those who commit crimes should be prosecuted.

“But you would say that people who commit crimes, regardless of what their political affiliations are, should be prosecuted,” she said. “Your complaint is that the individuals committing the crimes in Portland and Minneapolis, et cetera, are not being prosecuted. I want to clarify that, Mr. President.”

More than 300 people have been arrested and possibly 100 more will be for what Trump described as some “hugging and kissing” police.

In case anyone has forgotten, here’s some of the more violent huggers and kissers.

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