Last Call: March 27, 2021

Seriously? It’s almost April? Wow—the year is flying by. They seem to do that the older we get.

Anyway, I want to address a few house cleaning issues. Let me start by first saying, thank you to everyone who has submitted articles; we really do appreciate them. But, we would like everyone to try to refrain from using MSM or The Hill as main sources. Try to use the source(s) those publications used providing they are acceptable sources for News Views.

In the event of a paywall, you can use MSN or The Hill (if you must) but indicate that the original article appeared on, for example, The New York Times or whatever source they used. But if possible, try to use the original source.

It’s not that MSN or The Hill are ‘bad’ sources; they’re just sites that regurgitate news from other sources. I know that works for many of us because everyone can read the article without a subscription to the original source. However, since the original source relies on subscriptions to bring us the news, give them some credit….please. Cite them as well, please.

If you have questions about this or if I was unclear or confused you, please ask one of us in the comment section below. This was definitely a mouthful and I can understand if it lacked clarity or caused confusion.

Other than that—life is good now that I have gotten over the COVID-19 shot ‘hangover.’ In fact, I just finished planting nine tomato and two jalapeño plants. Tomorrow, I will plant other types of peppers, Italian winter and summer squash, and Persian cucumbers. I planted some Rosa Bianca eggplant seeds in containers and will transplant them when they get bigger. Spring has sprung!

Now if I could figure out how to get this damn Logitech Crayon to work with my new iPad, life would be really awesome. I’ll probably return it and suck it up and pay the additional $30 for an iPencil and not deal with it. I have no patience for this nonsense. Yeah, I was being my regular, cheap frugal self and didn’t really save anything.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe!

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