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Endangered Animals Series

When it comes to animals, kids and books, what do we know? According to Axios, information from a new online tool called Epic gives us information.

“Children prefer owls to chickens and chickens to hedgehogs. Kids hunt for unicorns almost twice as often as they look for mermaids.”

“Owls score higher than koalas, worms rack up more hits than kangaroos and ferocious beasts have a loyal following, as does the grumpy-faced blobfish.”

“Volcanoes are more popular than tsunamis, which are more popular than earthquakes. The Titanic is bigger than cowboys, pizza is bigger than cake, science is bigger than art and ‘poop’ is bigger than all of them.” Axios

From WSJ story summarized here in Axios

Updates: Suez tanker freed today; animals aboard and in traffic jam behind the tanker to be unloaded.

Some of the 200,000 animals stuck on the Ever Given for the last week

An animal welfare tragedy and “biohazard time bomb” are feared in the Suez Canal with 200,000 creatures who have been trapped behind the beached ship Ever Given.

About 20 ships carrying livestock have been stuck in containers on the gigantic stricken ship Ever Given since it ran aground last week.

Animal rights groups fear for the trapped livestock stuck inside blistering cargo containers while feed and water reserves begin to run out. Daily Mirror

Update #2: California Condors, back from the brink….

The California condor once soared from British Columbia to Mexico, but habitat loss, overhunting and, most significantly, poisoning from hunting ammunition drove the birds to near extinction.

Now, the bird is being reintroduced in northern California. The reintroduction efforts there have largely been led by the Yurok Tribe, whose ancestral land encompasses large swaths of forest and coastline in northern California and parts of Redwood national park that were once home to the condor. The Guardian

Update #3 More “Back from the Brink”

Two new species of already endangered Screech Owls were discovered in the Amazon Rainforest. Researchers described two new species of screech owls that live in the Amazon and Atlantic forests, both of which are already critically endangered. . Science Daily and Nature World News

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