GUNZ: Suspect Claims Deadly Double Shooting Was an Accident !


Both victims were rushed to hospitals Saturday. Officials confirmed Monday that one of the victims, 22-year-old Jacolby Thomas, had died. The other victim, identified as 26-year-old Demetric Turner, was treated and released from the hospital.

Police believe Thomas drove out to Harmason Street, where he got into a fight with Turner.  Police said Malachi Bosley was across the street and ran over to intervene after Thomas began overpowering Turner.

Bosley, 22, told investigators that a gun fell out of Turner’s pocket, and Bosley picked it up to pistol whip Thomas. Bolsey said the gun went off and the bullet struck both Thomas and Turner.


According to Payne, it happened on Harmeson Street around 2 p.m. Saturday when the two victims were fighting and Bosley jumped in to help out his cousin, who was apparently losing. Payne added Bosley started pistol-whipping Thomas but hit him with the barrel of the gun instead of the butt and had his finger on the trigger.

Payne said Thomas was shot in the head and the bullet then hit the second victim in the back.

Malachi Bosley was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder.


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