What Would You Do Wednesday? Preventing a Fourth Surge of the Coronavirus

At News Views, we’re always trying something to get y’all out here talking. This week, I’m presenting an issue that’s not new; we’re surging again, even as more people received their first shot. In the past week, virus cases continued to rise, “jumping by 13 percent nationwide The average daily number of new infections — more than 64,000 — was at its highest level in nearly a month, interrupting what was a weeks-long downward trend” (The Washington Post).

Most states have eased restriction; some have even lifted mask mandates entirely and opened up their businesses to full capacity. But along with all this, some governors have requested the Biden administration provide their states with more vaccines because the number of cases have surged….again.

So, your task, as the intelligent lot you are, is to come up with some solutions–offer up some ideas on how we approach, handle, or prevent a fourth surge. Do we slow down, scale back our ‘return to normal?’ How can we get more people to get the damn shot? And, how can we control the disinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines?

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