New Lawsuit Alleges Epstein Threatened to Feed a Woman He Raped to Alligators

According to a new lawsuit, Jeffrey Epstein threatened a woman that he would feed her to alligators in a large body of water, where he said other girls in the past had been devoured.

“Jane Doe” alleges that Epstein brutally raped and abused her for five months, trafficking her to other men, including a local judge and reportedly forced her to undergo genital mutilation surgery and to participate in the trafficking of other victims.

The complaint was filed March 22 against the law firm Indyke and Kahn, who are co-executors of Epstein’s estate.

Jane Doe was 26 and a Palm Beach real estate agent when she met Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at a barbecue in 2006 or 2007. In 2007, Maxwell gave Jane Doe her card and said that Epstein would like to employ her. The complaint says she was a skilled hairstylist. Not interested at first, Maxwell began promising her higher-up jobs and expensive gifts. When she relented and went to Epstein’s place to cut his hair, he raped her brutally with Maxwell’s help.

Epstein forced her to accept $200, but Jane Doe threatened to call police. Maxwell said she would call them herself, and shortly after men who claimed to be police arrived and threatened to arrest her for prostitution, and said they could deport her or her son. She says she never contacted law enforcement again.

Immediately after the attack, they forced her to drive with them to Naples, and they picked up her son along the way. She could not stop crying and this is when Epstein brought her before the alligators, saying this is where she would end up if she ever revealed his crimes. Upon arrival at a hotel in Naples, she said Epstein and Maxwell raped her repeatedly in front of her son for several days.

In May of 2008, a man with a Russian accent took her to a wealthy person’s home where a savage genital mutilation surgery was performed on her to create the false impression that she was a virgin for a high-profile client. She was told to pretend she was 17.

The lawsuit states she remains in fear feeling victimized, knowing Epstein had naked pictures of her and being permanently maimed, and worries that Epstein’s cronies could still come after her.

While she chose to remain anonymous, she demands a trial by jury for what she suffered over those five months.

NBC and USA Today