It’s 5:00 Somewhere

It was Opening Day for baseball yesterday, and as Michiganders have been known to refer to it before, it was Sno-pening Day.

If the thought of bundling up with your cold beer and hot dog in the middle of snow showers isn’t enough to take you out to the ballgame, you might prefer to wait for sunnier, warmer times — unless, of course, you live in a warmer climate.

In my experience, baseball has always been the perfect sport to induce my Saturday afternoon nap on the couch, but it can be fun to get out to the park and enjoy some live action, peanuts and Cracker Jack, ten-dollar beers, and people watching. Oh, yes, and the baseball…..

I prefer the minor league park experience in my town. It’s a more personal experience, filled with crowd interactive games and songs, and a closer look at the aspiring athletes. In a smaller park, you can get close enough to see how young they are, filled with opportunity to prove themselves worthy of moving up to the majors.

But of course, pandemic. I admit I’m anxious to partake of some summertime fun, and those wide open seats look somewhat safe and inviting, yet part of the joy of heading to the ballpark is interacting with the crowd. I think I’ll be staying home, taking naps between innings, and grilling my own dogs.

With my second Pfizer behind me, I’m starting to wonder what summer activities I’m going to be comfortable with. And you?

What’s on your weekend agenda? What’s on your summer agenda? Our ragtop is road-ready, and temperatures are heading toward the 70’s in the next few days.

Good times never felt so good! Cheers!