Last Call: April 03, 2021

What a lazy day. That’s what happens when you get together with folks (my son and the daughter in law I like) you haven’t hung out with in a few months. But, now that they’re fully vaccinated and my husband and I have one shot in the bag, we took them out to dinner, sat in an awesome courtyard, but stayed up way past our bedtime. Oh, well…we had fun.

Now that the day is pretty much over, I guess I should do some chores and make it at least appear I did something other than putz around and watch the new Law & Order: Organized Crime episode that I missed Thursday because…bedtime. Yes, I know I could’ve recorded it but, I forgot about that part as well.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe. And as a friendly reminder, MASK UP! We’re not out of the woods; cases are on the uprise.

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