Noah Green Was Unraveling Before His Attack at the Capitol

The brother of Noah Green, the man who rammed a barricade and killed a Capitol police officer before being fatally wounded himself, said that there were troubling signs that his brother was unraveling.

Brendan Green said his brother Noah became violently ill the night before the attack in the Virginia apartment that they shared.

Noah left the apartment and sent a disturbing text, one of the last communications between the two. “‘I’m sorry but I’m just going to go and live and be homeless,’ ” Brendan Green said the text read. “Thank you for everything that you’ve done. I looked up to you when I was a kid. You inspired me a lot.”

Noah Green was a defensive back on the Christopher Newport University football team, and he later blamed his teammates and roommates for drugging him in 2019 with Xanax and believed it left him addicted to the drug and suffering withdrawal symptoms. One of those teammates said the allegations were not based in reality.

When Green moved into his own apartment in Newport News, he continued to suffer hallucinations, heart palpitations, headaches and suicidal thoughts that could have been related to drugs or mental illness, his brother Brendan said. One day he left Newport News for Indianapolis, saying that drugs inspired him to go there, and then began to tell his brother that people were breaking into his apartment in Indianapolis. Brendan flew to Indianapolis to check on his brother and said the apartment seemed secure, but his brother’s mind didn’t seem quite right.

A couple of months ago, Noah Green left Indianapolis and moved to Botswana, according to his brother. While in Botswana, Noah Green told his brother that “his mind was telling him to basically commit suicide.” He told his brother that he had jumped in front of a car and was so badly injured that he had surgery at a hospital. Brendan Green saw bruises and scars on his brother’s body.

Approximately two weeks ago Noah asked Brendan for help, crying and asking if he could move in with him.

On his Facebook page, Green listed himself as a follower of Farrahkan, leader of the Black nationalist group Nation of Islam.  On March 17, Green posted that he was on the “right track” before being hobbled by drugs he was “unknowingly” taking.

Former teammates described him as a solid athlete, a smiley guy.

“He was on the dean’s list. He was a motivator. That was the Noah I knew and regardless of what happened today, that is what his legacy should be. He should be remembered as a positive guy.”

Sources: Washington Post and South Bend Tribune