Talko Tuesday: We need some April Showers

Because COVID-19 wasn’t enough to do us all in, the Golden State needs some rain before the ‘D’ word gets thrown around like a baseball. For those who don’t know what the ‘D’ word is, it’s something that we Californians hear periodically…DROUGHT. Yep, it looks like this year’s rainy season will go down in history as a real sucky…bigly sucky.

It’s weird. I actually had to water my trees and garden beds back in February; that’s pretty unheard of or something I don’t think I ever did before and it’s gotten worse since we’re at the end of our rainy season. I just went out back and saw that my husband watered all the fruit trees and garden beds; this is ridiculous. Hopefully, come summer the state isn’t ablaze because of the dryness–yep, we’re getting that ‘dry look’ and it’s only April…because COVID-19 wasn’t enough to deal with. Thanks, La Niña.

Have a great week, peeps–Stay safe and stay healthy.

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