Weekend Wrap up: April 11, 2021

It’s Sunday and the weekend has come to an end. Below are a few articles and events we might have missed but are worthy of discussion. And in case you missed the Sunday shows, we got you covered. Please feel free to add your own headlines we might have missed.


COVID-19 Updates:

The Sunday Shows:

White ISIS/MAGAts/Wing Nuts/GUNZ!:

  • During this weekend’s highly anticipated donor retreat hosted by the Republican National Committee in Palm Beach, Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel was escorted off the premises while his primary opponent, Jane Timken, was allowed to stay, two sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell Axios.
  • From a secure room in the Capitol on Jan. 6, as rioters pummeled police and vandalized the building, Vice President Mike Pence tried to assert control. In an urgent phone call to the acting defense secretary, he issued a startling demand.
  • “Clear the Capitol,” Pence said.
  • Elsewhere in the building, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were making a similarly dire appeal to military leaders, asking the Army to deploy the National Guard.

Cops Behaving Badly:

  • A U.S. Army officer has sued two Virginia police officers over a December incident caught on body camera footage in which the cops drew their guns and pepper-sprayed him. 
  • Caron Nazario, a second lieutenant in the Army, said in a lawsuit filed earlier this month that officers violated his constitutional rights during a traffic stop in the southeastern town of Windsor, located about 46 miles west of Virginia Beach. 

Other News:

And a bit of laughter to help get us all through this:

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