Liveblog - In case you missed it: Headlines 04/12/21

With so many crazy things happening, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Here are some headlines that you may find interesting and worth discussing. Please feel free to post ‘headlines’ you would like to share that we may have missed.



Voter Suppression/Voting Rights:

  • Will Smith’s movie Emancipation is the first project to withdraw its production from Georgia over the state’s new restrictive election laws.

COVID-19 Updates and COVIDIOTS:

  • Regeneron is pursuing U.S. approval for its COVID-19 monoclonal antibody cocktail as a preventative treatment after it helped cut the risk of symptomatic infections in households where someone else is ill, the U.S. drugmaker said on Monday.
  • One man has been shot dead after a gunman reportedly fired shots in front of a Paris hospital, where COVID-19 vaccinations were being administered.
  • As Gretchen Whitmer Asks for More COVID Shots, CDC’s Walensky Urges Michigan to ‘Shut Things Down’
  • Michigan’s Covid-19 crisis could be a sign of what’s to come for the US, expert says
  • Studies Confirm Racial, Ethnic Disparities In COVID-19 Hospitalizations And Visits

White ISIS/MAGAts/ White Supremacists/Wing Nut Watch/GUNZ!:

  • A federal judge has granted pretrial release to the only Trump administration appointee known to have been charged in connection with the storming of the Capitol during the certification of electoral votes on Jan. 6.
  • Domestic terrorism incidents have soared to new highs in the United States, driven chiefly by white-supremacist, anti-Muslim and anti-government extremists on the far right, according to a Washington Post analysis of data compiled by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Other Headlines:

  • Iran blamed Israel on Monday for an attack on its underground Natanz nuclear facility that damaged its centrifuges — sabotage that imperils ongoing talks over Tehran’s tattered nuclear deal and brings a shadow war between the two countries into the light.
  • 2nd night of protests

  • A whisper campaign among conservatives that perhaps Biden isn’t actually engaged in doing his job

    Republicans had become accustomed to daily tweet rants, verbal attacks on perceived adversaries and endless conspiracies….that having an actual President, focused on the business of the people is suspicious and confusing for some.

    John Cornyn’s ugly, transparent attempt to paint Biden as a Manchurian Candidate (

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