Court Vindicates Black Officer Fired for Stopping Colleague’s Chokehold

It was a cold November day in Buffalo when Officer Cariol Horne responded to a call for a colleague in need of help. What she encountered was a white officer who appeared to be “in a rage” punching a handcuffed Black man in the face repeatedly as other officers stood by.

Officer Horne, who is Black, heard the handcuffed man say he could not breathe and saw the white officer put him in a chokehold. At that point, court documents show, she forcibly removed the white officer and began to trade blows with him.

In the altercation’s aftermath, Officer Horne was reassigned, hit with departmental charges and, eventually, fired just one year short of the 20 on the force she needed to collect her full pension. She tried, and failed, more than once to have the decision reversed as unfair.


Plainfield2 notes: I would encourage everyone to click on the link and read the whole story. It’s not that long and there is a lot of information about the dirty cop that she stopped from attacking the arrestee. He eventually went to prison for an unrelated crime.