Chicago Mayor appeals for calm after body cam video of last month’s shooting of a 13 year old by police is released.

CHICAGO – The mayor appealed for calm Thursday as the city released body-camera videos of last month’s fatal shooting of Adam Toledo, 13, by a Chicago police officer –an incident that appears to show his hands in the air as he was shot.

Graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised:

Adam Toledo was shot after a short pursuit on foot. Adam slows down and pauses near a fence, turns toward the officer and appears to put his hands up. He does not appear to have a gun in his handbut the video is unclear. (2:04 in the video).

According to a response report, Adam was armed with a semi-automatic pistol that was “displayed, not used.” The officer listed “defense of self” as a reason for shooting on the report. A separate, original case incident report listed the victim as being 18-25 years old.

In the video, at the 5:34 mark, the officer is seen shining a light on the weapon discarded by Toledo.

The city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountabilitywhich investigates cases of potential police misconduct, released 17 body-cam videos, 4 third-party videos, a transmission from the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, two audio recordings of 911 calls, six ShotSpotter recordings, as well as response and arrest reports.

Surveillance video across from the scene is reported to have captured Adam tossing the gun behind the fence just as he slowed down.


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