Pastor Johnny Enlow Says People Will Understand Trump’s Bravery When They Get to Heaven !

Enlow on the left.


Pentecostal Pastor Johnny Enlow, a conservative Christian who has been described by some as a “prophetic leader,” said that people will understand and “respect” former President Donald Trump more once they get to Heaven.

Enlow and his wife Elizabeth Enlow are the founders of Restore 7 ministry based in Tennessee. Johnny Enlow appeared on a recent episode of The Elijah List program, discussing Trump and how people view the former president. Right Wing Watch first reported the pastor’s remarks.

“The weaker, more imperfect that a vessel is—the more glory God gets from using him to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish. Having said that, we are going to respect and honor President Trump a whole lot more in Heaven once we understood the courage and bravery of what he’s had to do and put up with,” Enlow said.

He compared Trump to Goliath killer David.


Earlier this year the “prophetic leader,” said:

“The January 20 inauguration date doesn’t really mean anything,” Enlow said in the January 29 video, which has gotten north of 100,000 views on YouTube. According to Enlow, more than 100 other “credible” Christian prophets around the world had likewise declared that Trump, somehow, would be restored to power soon. Soon as 2021.


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