Liveblog - In case you missed it: Headlines 04/19/21

With so many crazy things happening, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Here are some headlines that you may find interesting and worth discussing. Please feel free to post ‘headlines’ you would like to share that we may have missed.


  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development today announced the obligation of $8.2 billion in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funds for Puerto Rico, along with the removal of onerous restrictions unique to Puerto Rico that limited the island’s access to CDBG-DR recovery funds that were allocated following Hurricane Maria in September 2017. These actions are the latest in an ongoing whole-of-government effort to support the island’s recovery and renewal.
  • ‘Words we use matter’: Biden administration chucks ‘illegal alien’ for ‘noncitizen’


  • Even the defense attorney for Derek Chauvin and the judge in the case took issue with Auntie Maxine’s words:

COVID-19 Updates and COVIDIOTS:

  • Roll up your sleeves!

White ISIS/MAGAts/ White Supremacists/Wing Nut Watch/GUNZ!:

  • UPDATE: Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who engaged rioters, suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, officials say
  • Trump tells Hannity GOP can ‘win big’ by embracing MAGA agenda:

😂 😂 😂

Other Headlines:

  • Disqus might want to do the same: Facebook, preparing for Chauvin verdict, to limit posts that might incite violence.
  • Florida’s governor has signed a law that he called the “strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement measure in the country.” The law was written in response to protests around the country following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. It provides new protections for police and increases the penalties for people who take part in property damage or violence during protests.
  • NASA launches tiny Mars chopper ‘Ingenuity’ on a historic flight

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