Free Chat Friday, Week 16

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and welcome to week 16 of 2021. Ok, let’s just get this out of the way; I’m no Rachel and do not come close to her style or creative way of getting y’all engaged each Friday. I’m creative with making food. I can write but I write primarily factual stuff but I’m known to go off script and insert what I’m really thinking, what’s in my head at the moment my fingers hit the keyboard. But, what the hell; I’ll give it a whirl.

First off, the most important thing in the world of news that happened this week was: JUSTICE WAS SERVED! Hopefully, the Chauvin murder trial will lead to big changes in this country, BIG CHANGES. But with Republicans and Red States always in the way of progress and/or obstructing stuff, who knows?!

So, I thought I would treat you to a few cartoons, courtesy of The Week. It’s a slide show so slide. If I have them out of order, pretend they’re right. Humor me, please.

Happy Friday, everyone—BE SAFE!

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