Trump Capitol Rioter Who Wielded Hockey Stick Calls Jail –

A ‘Grave Human Rights Abuse’ with ‘No Time in Front of the Television’ !

A Michigan man accused of wielding a hockey stick wrapped in a Trump 2020 flag during the Jan. 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol has asked a federal judge to reconsider his request to be released from jail pending trial.  The defendant says that he did not pose a threat to the community and argues the conditions at the jail where he’s being held are essentially a form of torture.

Michael Joseph Foy, also known as “Hockey Stick Man,” was arrested by federal authorities in January for allegedly using his hockey stick to assault Capitol Police officers who were in turn trying to quell the insurrection. In the initial criminal complaint against Foy, the FBI identified a video from an online New York Times article which appeared to show the defendant “aggressively swinging the stick at an individual lying on the ground.”

“The article indicates that the video footage was taken during the attack of a law enforcement officer,” the charging documents stated. “Specifically, the video shows a large crowd of individuals gathered around an entrance to the U.S. Capitol. It further shows the man with the hockey stick lifting the stick above his head and swinging it down rapidly, striking an individual on the ground several times. At no point does it appear that the individual on the ground is acting aggressively, nor does it appear that the attack in justified.”

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