Lincoln Project taunts Trump. Suggests the GOP is only using him

Playing off Trumps “drain the swamp” campaign theme, the Lincoln Project seeks to widen the gap between Donald and McConnell suggesting he (Trump) has been played by establishment republicans.

Addressing Trump directly, a new video released by the PAC on Monday said, “Mitch McConnell’s Washington consultants are making big money using your name. We don’t know if Mitch gets a cut, but what do you think, Donald?”

“You’re getting played,” the voiceover continues. “He’s picking candidates loyal to him. They brought you a little bowl to hold in your little hands and you fell for it. They’re laughing at you, all the way to the bank.”

While Trump and McConnell were allies in the past, relations between the two have soured since the January 6 Capitol riot. McConnell blamed Trump for the rioting and suggested that he may still be criminally liable for offenses Trump committed while in office.

Trump, since leaving office, turned on McConnell for not backing him in his unsubstantiated claims of a stolen election. Trump called McConnell a “weak” leader and has urged his supporters to donate to GOP primary candidates he’s endorsed over those endorsed by McConnell.

The Lincoln Project plans to run the new ad on Fox News, Fox Business and in the Palm Beach media market.