Liz Cheney Refuses to Back Down on Trump and the “Big Lie” Followers

Liz Cheney, the No. 3 Republican in the House, has listened to her critics in the GOP and has again defined her stance in a tweet this morning.

Cheney, one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump over the insurrection, is increasingly at odds with other Republicans, who are beginning to openly state she could be removed from her position as chairwoman of the House Republican Conference this month.

  • Jim Banks, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said Cheney’s continued criticisms are “an unwelcome distraction,” and he questioned whether she would retain her leadership role in a month.
  • Steve Scalise, No. 2 in the House, said, “This idea that you just disregard President Trump is not where we are, and, frankly, he has a lot to offer still.”
  • Kevin McCarthy: “If you’re sitting here at a retreat that’s focused on policy, focused on the future of making American next-century, and you’re talking about something else, you’re not being productive.”

Cheney has said anyone challenging the 2020 election results should be disqualified from a presidential campaign in 2024, and that she herself would not rule out a run.

An Ohio GOP Rep, Anthony Gonzalez, who also voted to impeach Trump, told The Hill last week, “If a prerequisite for leading our conference is continuing to lie to our voters, then Liz is not the best fit.” 

In February, the House GOP voted in a secret ballot to retain Cheney, 145-61.

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