Marjorie Taylor Greene told to to ‘shut your seditious, QAnon loving mouth’ by Democrat Congressman

Ruben Gallego clearly has had enough of Marjorie Greene”s exaggerations and lies. After she referred to the Democratic party as “the enemy within,” and accused the party of funding what she called BLM and Antifa riots. Gallego was completely “done” with the insurrection supporting, conspiracy nut.

Greene accused Gallego of seeking attention, called him a “coward,” and questioned his masculinity.

“While you were hiding with your little pen, brave Republican MEN were helping police hold the door, so that ALL of us could get out safely. Coward,” she wrote.

Gallego’s reply to her taunt

While there were “many heroes” in the Capitol on January 6, Greene was one of the “many insurrectionist trying to destroy Democracy.”

He added that he was too busy with legislative work to continue the twitter feud with her….which he said Greene “wouldn’t know about” because she was stripped of her committee assignments a month after being sworn in.