Talko Tuesday: Stop with the calls for violence

Seriously! Stop with the calls for violence or acts of violence against MAGAts or any wing nuts. I get it. No one likes them, including myself. But, we’re not at war; we don’t make suggestions to take up arms and use them; we don’t do that. We are better…we’ve evolved; we’re not MAGAts who get off and thrive on acts of violence ‘to own the libs.’ So, I’m asking, no—telling you, that y’all stop with the calls for violence.

Yes, if they get COVID-19 and don’t affect others, no one cares, right? If they choose to jeopardize their own safety, who cares as long as they’re not jeopardizing others, right? But, we will no longer make comments calling for executing the MAGAts, because Mom (me) will start deleting them. That’s not who we are or who I want us to devolve into.

So, there’s my pet peeve for the week…Actually, it’s been my pet peeve forever and is even in our Community Guidelines that I want everyone to follow. Having said that—Happy Tuesday. Enjoy a vegetarian or pescatarian taco on me. Talk amongst yourselves but stay away from the calls for violence. ENJOY!

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