Accused Proud Boy Member and Capitol Rioter Seeks Venue Change Because D.C. Jurors ‘Voted Almost Unanimously Against Donald Trump’

An accused Capitol rioter and member of the far-right Proud Boys militia group on Tuesday asked a judge to move his trial outside of Washington, D.C., claiming that “detrimental” media coverage of the insurrection and “community prejudice” inside the nation’s capital would unconstitutionally preclude him from receiving a fair trial.

Attorneys for Christopher Worrell argued that their client should be tried in the Southern District of Florida because potential jurors in liberal-heavy D.C. are so likely to have been affected by pretrial publicity surrounding his arrest “that the venire must be presumed as tainted.” The motion also claims that Worrell’s outwardly pro-Donald Trump stance will result in prejudice by any decision-making panel of his peers.

Source: Law and Crime

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