GUNZ: Man Accidentally Shot by Wife Doing Laundry !

.22 North American revolver


From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Deputies were dispatched to an Ellabell address May 2 “for a wife that accidentally shot her husband in the back” while trying to do the laundry.

The woman “stated she picked up her husband’s pants off the table from last night and was going to the laundry room to wash them,” the report said. “A small .22 North American revolver fell out of her husband’s pocket while she was passing behind him sitting in his recliner. The gun hit the floor and accidentally discharged. A .22 caliber bullet came out of the gun and struck (her husband) in the right lower part of his back. EMS was called and (the man) was transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment.”

A BCSO investigator was called in. There was no word on the man’s condition.

Bryan County News

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