Florida Woman arrested after making son fight, joining in

The victim was walking toward Benham Avenue when Gensler confronted him, according to an arrest report. Jamie Gensler shouted at the child about pushing over a basketball hoop the night before and then called for her son to come out of the house to fight the victim. Her son complied, deputies said.

As Gensler’s son started smacking the victim, Gensler guided him through the fight, advising her child to hit him in the “balls and gut,” records show. Gensler then jumped into the fight, punching the victim in the head and slapping him when the child tried to get up off the ground, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies said neighbors recorded the fight on cellphone video, confirming the 35-year-old provoked the fight, adding that the victim’s injuries were consistent with a fight describing a large abrasion on his forehead above his right eye.

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Gensler’s son was able to knock the victim to the ground. When he tried to get to his feet, Gensler jumped in the fight, punching the child in his head and slapping him. The incident left the victim with a large abrasion on his forehead above his right eye. Deputies claim neighbors recorded the fight, with footage confirming Gensler started the altercation. When they questioned the 35-year-old, they also noticed that her knuckles were bruised.

Upon her arrest, Gensler says that the victim and his friends had been trying to provoke her son throughout the day and he finally agreed to fight them. She admitted to providing her son with instructions on how to handle the fight since it was happening in her presence. She will now face charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


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