CVS employees busted for looting vaccine cards

Law enforcement arrested twenty-one, Nassau County (NY), CVS employee, Zachary Honig  for ‘allegedly pilfering eight pre-filled vaccination cards, just missing the names of the people who would potentially use them, along with 54 blank ones that were found in his car as well.’ Vaccination cards serve as a ticket to freedom allowing those who have one to attend sporting events, concerts, and other things we did pre-pandemic.

“They were taken within the last couple of days, with the intent to share them with family members and friends, so that they could go into venues and possibly even use them at schools,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

Honig admitted he sold the vaccination cards to kids so they could return to school. “Authorities said the cards could not have been used with New York State’s Excelsior Pass — the so-called COVID passport — because it relies on vaccination databases along with the paper card.”


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