Open Carry Finally Banned at Michigan Capitol

The Michigan Capitol Commission voted unanimously on Monday to close a loophole that would have allowed concealed carry licensees to openly carry a firearm in the state Capitol building.

In January the commission approved a ban on open carry inside public spaces within the Capitol. Commission Chairman Gary Randall said he was notified by Michigan State Police of the previous policy’s language that still would have allowed people with a concealed pistol license to openly carry a firearm in the Capitol.

On April 30, 2020, dozens of people entered the Capitol building to protest Governor Whitmer’s restrictions enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19. Armed citizens wore camouflage and carried guns in the balcony over the Senate with lawmakers below. The Capitol Commission failed to take action in the fall, expecting GOP legislators to enact a ban. They did not.

After the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in January, the commission met and enacted an open carry ban, but with the apparent loophole it was not truly enforceable.

The newest policy exempts concealed carry for people with valid CPLs who are in compliance with state regulations.  MSP troopers, Capitol security, licensed police officers and sergeants-at-arms are still allowed to open carry if they have proper identifications and are working in their official duties.

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