Another mass shooting in the US of A: Youngstown, Ohio

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, a deadly shootout occured at the Torch Club Bar & Grille in Youngstown’s lower west side. According to the Youngstown Police Department, three people were killed and at least eight others were injured. Police also said they found dozens of casings outside the bar and at a neighboring parking lot. Gunfire also struck a house missing the occupant by approximately three feet.

No other details were provided by police on possible suspects or the circumstances leading to the shooting, and the investigation is still in progress.

The city has now seen 11 homicides this year, as compared to 13 at this time last year. There have been 42 people shot and wounded this year, including all 11 homicide victims, as compared to 28 people shot at this time last year, which includes 12 of the 13 homicide victims.

For 2020, Youngstown recorded 98 gunshot victims, including 27 of 28 homicide victims. That was an increase of 40 over 2019, when 58 people were shot, including all 20 of that year’s homicide victims.

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