It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Summer officially kicks off this weekend, and while it hasn’t climbed above 50 degrees yet today, I’m willing to overlook today’s temps to a sunnier and warmer tomorrow, and I’m beginning to think about summer weekends and all of the benefits these months have to offer.

More barbecues, more backyard games, more icy coolers filled with adult treats for music in the park or a day trip to the beach — all of these simple pleasures that take Seasonal Affective Disorder off the picnic table, at least for a few months.

So when Joe Biden emphasized the simple pleasure of eating ice cream yesterday, I was taken aback to my childhood summertime birthdays. You’re simply not motherly unless you ask your child what they want for their birthday, and when my mother asked, my answer was always Home Made Ice Cream. Out came the ice cream machine and the rock salt…… knew what he was doing with this stuff, as if he was some Tim Allen/Tool Man Turbo-charged Specialist with the ice cream machine……..and the magic happened.

The hot fudge sauce was optional for me, although mom never skipped it. I loved the hot fudge on the side of the ice cream, when it would cool down and become almost like taffy — chewy and chocolatey, without altering the ultra-vanilla flavor of that special ice cream.

So where is this leading me today at the 5:00 Somewhere lounge?

Now summertime's here babe
Need somethin' to keep you cool
Ah now summertime's here babe
Need somethin' to keep you cool
You better look out now
'Cause I got somethin' for you
I'll tell ya what it is

The Mudslide. Duhhh!

Whether you’re up for an ice cream drink, a summery cocktail, or even just some ice cream this weekend, make it a great holiday, and a great long weekend, friends! It’s 5:00 Somewhere!