Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She and Matt Gaetz Are ‘Taking Charge’ Amid GOP ‘Civil War’

“Matt and I have teamed up because we refuse to allow Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger or any Trump-hating Republican … we won’t allow the GOP to turn into their party. So we’re taking charge. We’re bringing it to the people,” she said during a recent interview with the Real America’s Voice network.

Marj says she knows what people want, and that what is Trump as the leader of the GOP.

In mid-April Gaetz declared himself as a member of the “America First Caucus” launched by Greene. A leaked seven-page document announcing the caucus’ formation said that it championed “uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions.”

Both Cheney and Kinzinger have accurately said that there’s no proof to back up Trump’s repeated claim that an unprecedented nationwide conspiracy of voting fraud caused him to lose the 2020 election. They have called Trump’s claim “dangerously irresponsible.”


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