QAnon Shaman’s lawyer argues that his shirtlessness on Jan. 6 is evidence of his ‘mental vulnerabilities’

A lawyer for Jacob Angeli Chansley, also known as the QAnon Shaman, claims the notorious defendant’s “shirtless presentation” during the January 6 Capitol riot is evidence of his “mental vulnerabilities” — which have only increased in the past five months as Chansley remains detained, his attorney, Albert Watkins argues in a new pretrial release motion.

“The acuity of the vulnerable Defendant has waned with each passing day of solitary confinement,” Watkins writes in court documents reviewed by Insider. “The effects of same, like ivy, have slept, crept, and now leapt.”

Adorned with a horned headdress and face paint, Chansley became one of the most recognizable attendees at the Capitol on January 6, photographed with his bullhorn and flagpole throughout the building that day.

Now, Watkins says his client’s decision to go shirtless “in the cold of a Washington, DC, winter day” indicates pre-existing “mental vulnerabilities.”


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