Youngstown Police Looking for Woman Without Pants Who Hit Officer With Car Door !

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police are looking for a woman in the Loveland Road area they say was not wearing pants and who hit an officer with a car door early this morning.

The woman is supposed to be armed with a knife. Police are checking the area around Loveland Road and Windsor Avenue.

The woman jumped into a moving car that hit the officer with an open door. The officer is not seriously injured.

◾️A K-9 unit is also looking for her.

◾️The scene of the crime is near the Poland Ohio area.



 Youngstown police say they’ve been in contact with the woman without pants who took off from officers on Loveland Road, hitting an officer with her car door.

They say the woman told them that she was drugged and raped.


According to police, an officer was called out to investigate a report of a suspicious car in the area of Loveland Road and Windsor Avenue at around 6:30 a.m. Friday.

After seeing a woman in the car, the officer opened the car door.  That’s when the car drove off, striking the officer, according to police.


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