Pastor Rick Wiles Apparently Has COVID After Refusing Vaccines He Called ‘Global Genocide’ !


Wiles—the founder of the conspiracy-promoting TruNews website and the senior pastor of Flowing Streams Church in Florida—asserted on this show in late April that he would not get vaccinated against COVID-19 and would survive the “global genocide.”

“I am not going to be vaccinated,” he said. “I’m going to be one of the survivors. I’m going to survive the genocide.

He added, “You and I are witnessing the first global mass murder and it’s being led by Satan’s team on the planet. You must survive it. Do not be vaccinated.”

In a letter to supporters first reported by RightWingWatch, Wiles’ organization asked for prayer and said that the pastor was “very weak.” It explained that Wiles’ fever had subsided and that he did not have any “respiratory issues.” But it said that there was concern over how fatigued he continued to feel. The letter included a prayer for supporters to repeat.


TruNews’ Rick Wiles has a history of spreading racist, antisemitic, and homophobic conspiracy theories.

No scripture and/or proselytizing

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