Whitmer Kidnapping Suspect Doesn’t Want Public to Hear That God Gave Him the OK

Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping suspect Barry Croft Jr. doesn’t want the world to hear him talking about how God told him to commit an act of terrorism, or his intent to kidnap Michigan’s governor, court records show.

Croft’s lawyers want the evidence concealed, but prosecutors and the media are hoping to release it, saying the public has the right to see the evidence and consider it for themselves.

“Croft expounds in an excited tone about his intent to commit acts of terrorism, and claims God has granted him permission to violate His (God’s) commandments,” prosecutors state in court records. “In one particular passage, Croft explicitly states his intent to kidnap Gov. Whitmer — the primary offense with which he is charged.”

The exhibits include:

  • Photographs of Croft with a “boogaloo” flag, and another with a shotgun.
  • Audio recordings of Croft at a “militia” group meeting in Ohio.
  • Video recording of Croft firing a semiautomatic rifle at a field training exercise in Wisconsin.
  • Audio recording of Croft at a training exercise in Wisconsin.
  • A photograph of a highway bridge near Whitmer’s vacation home.
  • A photograph of Croft’s modified semiautomatic rifle.

Croft’s trial is scheduled for October. He is one of 6 men being charged with federal crimes, while 8 are charged with state crimes.

Croft is one of three defendants facing weapons of mass destruction charges.

To date, one federal defendant, Ty Garbin, 25, of Hartland Township, has cut a deal in the case. He pleaded guilty in December to conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer and faces up to life in prison for his conviction, though he has not yet been sentenced and is expected to testify against the others.

Detroit Free Press