Trump Supporter Harasses Arizona Shop that Provides Wigs to People Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Ethan Schmidt, today’s biggest a-hole in the world

“My customer base is very diverse. Not only do I have Caucasians, I have Afro-Americans, I have Asians, I have Latin Americans,” said Memberr.

Memberr, who is African American, was surprised when her shop was recently targeted by the 23-year-old founder of an anti-mask group. Ethan Schmidt travels the Phoenix area confronting companies that are still requiring customers to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, claiming he is a victim of discrimination.

In a video recording Schmidt posted on his Instagram page, Schmidt repeatedly refused the store manager’s requests to put on a mask, even after being told that the store’s mask requirement is to protect chemotherapy customers from COVID -19 to protect.

Daily Mesa News

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