Talko Tuesday: Two destructive monsters

Having pets bring so much more to our lives. They’re our companions, members of our families, fun to play with…then there some things they do that just make you want to scoop them up and throw their tuxedoed and striped asses outside. Yes, I’m talking about cats!

For the most part, they’re very good and I have fun with them but, their latest acts of terrorism focus on my houseplants, which they have dug up. Not all of them, mainly my beautiful Christmas cactus and a Philodendron that I had trailing all over a window. I transplanted both of them into pots that they cannot get into but I don’t think the cactus will survive. I’ve cut it back and now have several clippings that I hope to ‘propagate.’ I decided I will pot them in a smaller pot that the monsters cannot get in and dig.

Any suggestions on keeping our lovely darlings away from the houseplants? I have lemon peel around them right now because I’ve read that cats do not like lemons. Anything else?

Other than that, enjoy your Tuesday and be safe.

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