Ohio Sisters Accused of Shooting Homeless With BB Gun Turn Themselves In

Brittany 29 and Kelsey Hopper 28, no word on how Brittany got the shiner

CINCINNATI — Sisters Brittany and Kelsey Hopper turned themselves in to police Tuesday after being accused of driving around Over-the-Rhine last week and shooting at homeless people with a BB gun, hitting some while they slept, according to Cincinnati police.

The pair were identified Monday afternoon in a news release from the Cincinnati Police Department, which had been searching for them since the day of the attacks. Although both women — 29-year-old Brittany and 28-year-old Kelsey — have been charged with assault, neither had been arrested by the time police released their names.

The assaults were recorded by cameras on the scene, and the recordings led police to the car the Hoppers had been driving: A tan sedan with a mismatched hood. The Hoppers spray-painted the hood to match the rest at some point over the weekend, police said, likely hoping to avoid detection.


At least four people were shot with a BB gun in the early-morning hours of June 3 in the downtown and Over-the-Rhine areas, Cincinnati police said. Investigators released surveillance video showing a car pull up to the victims.

Brittany Hopper, 29, and Kelsey Hopper, 28, were charged with three counts of assault. Police said there was a third person in the vehicle.

The police department said it located the car, which had been spray-painted. “This ‘custom’ paint job didn’t have anyone fooled,” Cincinnati police said. “The hood of the car used in the crime had been spray-painted but was still very recognizable to the public.”


“I don’t know where they’re at. I don’t know where their babies are at. I don’t know nothing where they’re at. This stuff has gotten me a nervous wreck,” Linda Barker, their grandmother said.


The sisters’ marital status was not revealed.

The 3rd person in the car.

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