Free Chat Friday, Week 21

Happy Friday News Viewers, already mid-June, and hot hot hot — and in this neck of the woods, humid, sticky.. . .Back in the day, we would have gone swimming in weather like this, but the era of the public pool may be over. If the pandemic continues indefinitely as is predicted, half the nation will live more carefully, the other half will keep spreading the virus defiantly, and we’ll continue in this stalemate, divided not just by politics but by emotion and world views.

Today is the anniversary of the mysterious “Escape from Alcatraz” event–I keep thinking about the three who put so much work, focus and energy into escaping from prison only to find themselves drowning in the Bay or being endlessly chased by the FBI and the US Marshalls.

In fact, the case has been open, closed, cold and reopened since 1962 — the three have never been found, alive or dead. Moral of this story? Lots of those I suppose, mostly that “there’s no getting off this Rock,” whether the Rock is Alcatraz or the planet earth — better to find a way to survive our own choices…….Easy Peasy, right?

What is it you’re thinking about? if not Alcatraz, then. . . . ..whatcha got?