Video Shows Ocean City Police Taser, Hogtie Teen Over Vaping on Boardwalk

In the viral videos of the incident, a Black teenager,19-year-old Brian Everett Anderson, is seen with his hands up and then drops to the ground after being tasered by an officer, who also repeatedly kneed the teen in the stomach.

According to police:

In a news release, the Ocean City Police Department said that officers were on foot patrol when they observed a large group vaping on the boardwalk. In their release, they say that as the group walked away, officers observed the same teen begin to vape again.

According to the department, “during the course of the interaction, the male refused to provide his proof of identification and became disorderly. A large crowd of people began to form around the officers.”

The cops arrested Anderson for “failure to provide necessary identification for the violation of the local ordinance.”

He was later charged for disorderly conduct, resist/interfere with arrest, assault second degree. He was released on his own recognizance.


Here’s the mess the cops created.

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