Last Call: Saturday Night at the News Views Lounge

Happy Saturday evening, News Viewers. Hope your weekend is going well and everyone is staying safe. So, besides today being Juneteenth, the whole month of June is African American Music Appreciation Month.

The month-long observance, which was first inducted on June 7, 1979, by President Jimmy Carter was christened as Black Music Month. President Barack Obama renamed the national observance as African-American Music Appreciation Month. The observance was created to recognize and celebrate the historical influence African-Americans have had on the music industry and is intended to pay homage to the many artists, writers, songs and albums that have inspired music lovers and shaped American pop culture.

So in recognition of both Juneteenth and African American Music Appreciation Month, play your favorite jams. If you don’t have have any to share, no problem. Pour yourself a beverage of choice and just have some fun.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I have no clue why, but this song just keeps popping up in my head lately:

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