The main man of the 117th Congress, Senator Joe Manchin, now entertains Biden’s ‘human infrastructure’ plans and undoing some Trump tax cuts

Support for President Biden’s agenda in an evenly split US Senate seems to center around whether Senator Joe Manchin supports it or not. On Tuesday, Manchin “opened the door to investing in President Joe Biden’s ‘human infrastructure’ proposals and unwinding some of the Republican tax cuts of 2017.

“I’ve come to the knowledge, basically, that budget reconciliation is for reconciling budgets. So it’s money matters,” Manchin told NBC News, calling for bolstering “human infrastructure” — Biden’s term for investments in child care, community college and paid leave — and raising tax revenues to fund them.

“Republicans have drawn a line in the sand on not changing anything, and I thought the 2017 tax bill was a very unfair bill, and weighted to a side that basically did not benefit the average American. So I voted against it,” Manchin said. “I think there are some adjustments that need to be made.”

Manchin’s revelation ‘comes after voting to advance Democrats’ sweeping election overhaul bill,’ which failed in the Senate because not ONE Republican voted to protect the right to vote.

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