Trudeau Hopes to Re-Open the Border with the U.S. Soon, But No Guarantee

Justin Trudeau says he hopes to announce loosened travel restrictions at the U.S.- Canada border in the “coming weeks,” but it will depend on the trajectory of Covid-19.

Both countries agreed to a non-essential travel ban until at least July 21.

Trudeau, under a self-quarantine following the overseas trip to the G-7 and NATO summits, said a gradual reopening will take place on timelines of several weeks — not several months.

Canada’s own rate of fully vaccinated individuals only just moved above 20 percent, and they are watching the Delta variant closely. More than 75% of eligible Canadians have had at least one shot of a Covid vaccine.

The loudest calls for a reopening have come from lawmakers, business leaders, property owners with land on the other side of the border and families separated from relatives for more than a year. The central argument of those who want the border measures lifted is that fully vaccinated travelers should be free to cross.

Trudeau stresses that the vaccine protects people from the worst impacts of the virus, but may not prevent the vaccinated person from spreading it to someone unvaccinated.

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