Free Chat Friday, Week 25

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and guess what? This is yet another Friday without Trump for a president. Of course, it’s also a Friday without Rudy as a New York Lawyer; and a Friday following the sentencing of the first person involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection…… So, a little progress has been made in a few areas—

But it can’t ALL be rosy I suppose –The GQP Wall of Senate voted to limit the vote, Amazon was again outed for using fake reviews, the weather was a disaster wherever we happened to be, COVID’s latest variant held sway, worst of all, Champ died.

A mixed bag, I would say, and here at NV we talked about all of it. Today on FCF, we keep it going, often with news, views, stories and ideas that have come up for us in between the lines. So what’s on your mind today fellow humans? Serious, funny, happy, sad, poignant, infuriating, original or tired, it’s all chatted about here– what are you thinking about today? Let’s chat about it……