General Milley Triggers Fox Hosts and Former Guy Over Critical Race Theory!

When General Mark Milley, a 40-year veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and holds degrees from Princeton, Columbia, and the Naval War College, served accused pedophile Florida Man Matt Gaetz his ass at the suggestion of the military being too “woke,” he provoked the foul thoughts of at least two Fox News hosts propagandists and the Former Guy.

First up, Tucker Carlson.

Not to be outdone by the dweeb on his foghorn/soapbox earlier in the evening, Laura Ingraham accused Milley of being partisan and catering to the whims of Democrats. She suggested defunding the military over critical race theory/wingnut cultural wars.

Cadet Bonespurs got in on the action, too, over at Newsmax.

All of this was covered at the following sources:

Huffington Post, Forbes, The Hill, Business Insider