Wisconsin GOP: Trump Isn’t The Dictator

At the Wisconsin Republican Party’s annual convention this past weekend, the efforts of the former guy to push the state’s GOP leaders for intervention and audits of the 2020 election or face being primaried seemed to fall flat.

Trump had issued the typical threats the night before the convention, saying Wisconsin GOP officials were “working hard to cover up election corruption … actively trying to prevent a Forensic Audit,” similar to his efforts in other states.

But something strange happened in Wisconsin. There was no heckling, no boos, and no one was censured. Instead, it was like a figurative rolling of the eyes.

Comments heard among attendees:

  • “That’s Wisconsin for you,” said Helmut Fritz, a delegate from Milwaukee who sits on the state party’s credentials committee. “Trump isn’t the dictator.”
  • One delegate deleted Trump’s statement from his phone, saying he wished Trump would “shut up, and I’m a big Trump supporter.”
  • Another delegate said he hadn’t even bothered to read it.
  • On Trump’s suggestion that state lawmakers could be primaried, Senator Ron Johnson said, “I don’t think that represents much of a threat, quite honestly.” 

Speaker of the state Assembly Robin Vos summed up his thoughts.

“The things that President Trump stands for — a strong America, lower taxes, more freedom — everybody agrees with that,” Vos said in a brief interview off the convention floor. “But I will say … I agree with Paul Ryan saying that our movement should never be about one person.”

Source info at Politico